When You sign up to Your back office, the office will first offer You a membership fee. Several online banks will be listed, so choose one and pay. I propose SolidTrustPay which is a standard online bank or MobilPay which is a direct card business and does not need registration.
AIOP will notify You by email when it is time for a new payment.
I recommend Payoneer card for paYout.
You will order it by requesting a Payoneer card link to AllInOneProfits in the SUPPORT subkey. They will send it to You, order a card and pay out to it. Payment is still going through the online bank You have selected.
If You already have a Payoneer card when requesting a link from AIOP to Payoneer, You need to select the 'Already applied for a Payoneer account?' Option.

To pay membership we recommend MobilPay:

To pay-out we recommend Payoneer MasterCard:

Payoneer card fee: